A long-time client, Mike, introduced his friend, Ned, to us in 2010.  We had helped Mike successfully navigate the sale of his business a few years prior and he thought we could help Ned; who was, at the time, considering retiring from the manufacturing firm he owned and built over the previous three decades.

Our Process

We sat down with Ned, a recent widower, for a Discovery Meeting, to learn about the people, places, and things most important to him. Through our discussion, Ned shared with us his personal and financial accomplishments, values, and goals. He also expressed any worries and concerns about money that he had, as well as what he saw as potential challenges and obstacles to realizing his aims and vision for the future.

Based on everything Ned expressed in our Discovery Meeting, we drafted a Statement of Financial Values and Goals. To this day, it serves as a guidepost, inclusive of three overarching themes:

  • Ned’s desire to not only maintain his cash flow through retirement, but more importantly, to enhance his lifestyle with more travel, golf, and time spent with his children and grandchildren.
  • Ned’s wish to help fund his grandchildren’s education expenses.
  • Donating generously to the charitable organizations of importance to Ned and his family.

Our Recommendation

As Ned’s four children were neither involved nor interested in becoming involved in his company, we helped Ned evaluate his options, and he ultimately decided to sell the business. In advance of the sale, we identified and coordinated a team of experts in mergers and acquisitions, taxation, estate planning, and other related areas. Together, we outlined strategies aimed at maximizing not only Ned’s opportunity for a successful sale, but equally important, achieving both his near- and long-term financial goals. Throughout the planning process, our team gave careful, ongoing attention to Ned’s core values.

Key Achievements

  • Updating Ned’s personal estate and trust documents to account for changes in estate laws, and to incorporate mechanisms that would provide tax-efficient income to Ned through his lifetime.
  • Establishing and funding education trusts for immediate and extended family.
  • Establishing and funding a private, family-directed foundation.
  • Protection of Ned’s wealth from any possible third-party litigation, both during and after his lifetime.

Additional emphasis was placed on the minimization of taxes, with our team planning successfully for the:

  • Reduction of capital gain taxes upon the sale of Ned’s company.
  • Reduction of estate taxes upon Ned’s passing and through future generations.

Prior to the sale of Ned’s company, investment strategies were developed for each of the trusts created. When the company sold, cash proceeds from the sale were deployed across diverse holdings among various asset classes.


It has been a decade since Ned’s retirement and he continues to enjoy life fully; he travels often to visit family, and he continues to meet each of the three aims articulated in his Statement of Financial Values and Goals:

  • Cash flow streams that enable Ned to enhance his lifestyle throughout retirement. (Ned recently took his children and grandchildren to the Galapagos to celebrate his 75th birthday!)
  • Help family members with ongoing education expenses of his grandchildren. (The first of Ned’s grandchildren just finished her first semester of college in 2019!)
  • Make significant impacts within numerous charitable organizations through Ned’s private, family-directed foundation. (All of Ned’s children and grandchildren are active participants.)