CEO & CFO Relationship

The Value of a Meaningful CEO-CFO Relationship

You are the CEO of your financial life; you establish personal goals and values and set your agenda accordingly. We, in turn, are trusted CFOs, coordinating and synchronizing all aspects of your financial life so that every decision serves to advance your agenda. This responsibility moves our role beyond that of an institutional manager; the result is a deep and meaningful relationship where we delight in advancing the values-based goals most important to you and your family.

No single model fits every investor; therefore, our approach is anything but cookie cutter. We provide guidance and leadership, specific to your goals and values. Our work includes:

  • Planning for and establishing consistent, lifelong cash flows
  • Developing and managing purpose-specific portfolios
  • Funding a child’s or grandchild’s education
  • Advancing charitable endeavors
  • Transitioning ownership of a family business
  • Passing on a financial legacy for future generations

Most important, a meaningful CEO-CFO relationship increases your opportunity for success when pursuing your vision for the future.