We Serve As Your Family’s Chief Financial Officer

At The Ferrucci Company, we often play more of a family office role for many of our clients. You are the CEO of your family, and we act as your CFO, helping to ensure that every financial decision moves your family’s personal agenda forward.​


Investment Management

We'll help you navigate the intricate landscape of the investment management world and lay the foundation for a secure financial future.


Retirement Cash Flow Planning

We'll provide you with the strategies to create a roadmap that helps safeguard your retirement years so you can look forward to a financially confidence lifestyle.


Wealth Transfer

The legacy you leave behind reflects your values and aspirations. We'll guide you through the wealth transfer process, helping to preserve your family's future for generations to come.


Tax Planning

Reducing taxes can have a major impact on your financial plan. We will offer you leadership and strategies designed to help minimize your taxes today and in the future.


Charitable Planning

We will help amplify the impact of your generosity, enabling you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those you aim to uplift, and create a lasting legacy of positive change.


Education Planning

Make informed decisions to confidently invest in your children's future, opening doors to opportunities that may shape their lives for the better.


Business Transitions

Will your business be marketable if and when you decide to sell? We’ll develop an exit strategy that can help ensure the smooth transition of your business.